Advanced Biotics joins the GPA ranks

by Nathan Gray

Advanced Biotics joins the GPA ranks

Advanced Biotics BV is delighted to announce it has joined the Global Prebiotic Association (GPA) as a Member. 

GPA is focused on increasing public awareness about the production, quality and science of prebiotic products, expand understanding of the solid science supporting both well-known and newfound benefits, and create needed transparency about their interaction with the microbiome.

"Advanced Biotics is committed to bringing the best prebiotics and other microbiome modulators into the wider commercial market through our unique technological approach. Our AB-1 technology combines two world class prebiotics with collagen peptides and a next-generation postbiotic technology to bring consumers a simple to use and clinically effective solution for microbiome health," said co-founder and CEO Nathan Gray.

"GPA serves as the worldwide resource for prebiotic education, insights and awareness building," said GPA Executive Director Len Monheit. "It's a testament to the growth of this category that were now further expand our reach with members from all over the world."

GPA defines a prebiotic as:

'A product or ingredient that is utilized in the microbiota producing a health or performance benefit'

and a prebiotic effect as:

'A health or performance benefit that arises from alteration of the composition and/or activity of the microbiota, as a direct or indirect result of the utilization of a specific and well-defined product or ingredient by microorganisms.'

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