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What is the microbiome?

Thousands of studies demonstrate how the ecosystem of bacteria that live within the gut - known as the microbiome - is vital to our health.

Did you know a staggering 90% of all health conditions have in some way been linked to the microbiome?

There are a range of factors which influence the health of your microbiome, but diet has the biggest impact, which is in your control.

Our founders spent years researching and developing the perfect combination of gold-standard ingredients, to create a supplement that provides a range of health benefits in a single easy-to-use format.

Who are Advanced Biotics?

Advanced Biotics was founded by two microbiome experts, Nathan and Berend, who were frustrated with the lack of gut health products which are actually backed by science.

Determined to get it right, they spent the next 18 months pouring over research papers, checking the science to find top class ingredients, and trialling different formulas to hit upon a solution which was easy to use and incorporate into everyday life.   

The result is our Daily Microbiome Booster - a handy sachet that combines low-dose, next-generation ingredients that are backed by more than 40 clinical trials.

Advanced Biotics combines the very best clinically validated ingredients into a single easy-to-use supplement that is designed to power up the ecosystem of bacteria and other micro-organisms that live inside your gut.

The first microbiome positive supplement

What is in the Daily Microbiome Booster?


Prebiotics are ingredients that are used in the microbiome to produce health benefits. We use two different clinically proven prebiotics, partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG) and Bimuno®. Clinical research has shown that these ingredients can reduce flatulence, bloating and abdominal pain, while improving immune resilience and low-grade chronic inflammation.

Collagen Peptides

While collagen is perhaps most famous for its beauty benefits, it is important for our insides too. Studies have shown collagen peptides can help to maintain intestinal barrier integrity and improve the function of tight junctions in the gut lining, therefore preventing leaky gut. Leaky gut has been implicated in the development of many inflammatory conditions. 


Unlike probiotics, which are live beneficial bacterial strains, postbiotics are non-living microorganisms which are unaffected by the digestive process. We use a unique heat-inactivated strain of Lactobacillus Plantarum known as L-137. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects, to support immunity, and accelerate the production of hyaluronic acid.

Why recommend us?

What our customers are saying

My gut is happier

"After 2 weeks of taking the supplement, I started seeing improvements, bloating started to get less and my bowel movements started to get more regular."

Radu, NL

It helps so much

"Really worked and wasn’t able to taste it in my tea. I struggle a lot with bloating so the days I bloat especially badly I have one of these in the morning and it helps so much."

Abbigail, UK

Genuinely relieves my symptoms.

"It adds absolutely no taste or texture to the drink which I didn’t believe when reading other reviews, but rest assured they are totally correct. Since taking these I have none of my usual stomach pains and can have a lovely night's sleep."

Phill, UK

I’m feeling the benefits already

"I suffer with IBD and I’ve seen a definite improvement in my tummy issues. I also like that it easily blends into my coffee without leaving clumps like some collagen products too. "

Miss M, UK

Better sleep

"Using the product for just over a week, finding out that it made me sleep better than before. Which is great, because i'm having problems with falling asleep for many years now."

Heleen, NL

The relief has been significant

"I have suffered with bloating for some time and have struggled to find a solution. I am only a few days in and the relief has been significant."

Bob, UK

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